My favorite lettor is N

yeah it blows

drop the planet

plan the droplet

i understand the spam deletion but kind of wish it wasn't there i dunno seems kinda like it kills the raw flow of consciousness

though 1 do hate those messages that guy keeps spamm1ng

im only a hamster

tup tup tup to word

I do not greet anyone because I do not know anyone ^^ I still do not like anyone

im not a trol

this a chat i thing


fuck off w1th that tranny sh1t

also stop posting photos of yourself

boing boing

Secretly I am trans


transphøbes are gøing tø be in før a wild time when science gets tø the pøint where changing yøur biøløgical makeup is as arbitrary as putting øn a new suit.

getting hung up about someone changing their identity with clothes and a haircut? just wait until you can print a fresh set of skin and organs