seems like losing your balls and going nuts is also part of the possibility.

ult1mately gòd's let bullets 1nvented and even the wellness òf 1ts fòllòwer 1n the mayer1al wòrld 1s nòt part òf 1ts w1ll

ïm 12 years òld and what ïs thïs

ás you cán see, good money only comes with náme. but, whát do you cáre ábout thát?

well. how far he lets you all get again with?

sure man. whatever

why do you tàlk to me àgàin fàggot$?

cuz i love you

tiny øne$ end up wør$e than i. i gue$$ naturaly the fucker$ gønna a$k even MORE frøm me. ha per$ønality

i hate being a manlet

hey can anyône here give me advice i really need sôme gôôd advice right abôut nôw

do as i say not as i do

swdîh banget perly lawakan darî gùe, maî. emang ayam kapùng doang

guess ÿou are nor all infinite as it promised, moron.

háve á blôôdy láugh sô i knôw hôw crisp HE hás burn yôu tô

he s the infinite one. most of yoù are dirt

the dirt is infinite, don't pretend that anyone's hands are so clean

not in heaven yet for being an idiot ghavent ya all

is there any male out there not inclined nor indulges in nsfw& nsfw anime girls